The Building Code of Australia

We understand how the Building Code of Australia (BCA) can make or break our clients vision of a building. Our Engineers are here to help the vision become reality with due diligence to provide the best building code advice.

Due Diligence Reports
Due Diligence Reports are conducted to aid future property owners and trust managers with their final decision for purchasing your property. A full BCA audit of all essential services is conducted as well as confirming compliance with existing regulations and assessing that maintenance of all systems has been carried out in a satisfactory manner.

Fire Safety Audits
Councils often require a Fire Safety Audit upon issuing a fire safety upgrade. This involves performance testing of every essential service within a building and ensuring that the results are compliant with the standards in force at the time of construction of each building.

Whether you are constructing a new building or refurbishing an existing one, compliance with the current regulations is essential in gaining approval from either council or a private certifier. We at GN Consulting will provide you with the best BCA advice, making compliance as easy as possible.

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