Bush fires are a real and constant treat to the community in many parts of Australia and protection from bush fire attack is something that many Australian homes and business need to take seriously.

A wide range threat.
The threat from bushfires is obvious in many existing bush land communities that border expansive native bush lands but it may also be a threat for property that does not directly communicate with the Australian bush. In certain conditions, attack by flying embers ‘ember attack’ may cause fires that can damage or destroy properties that would otherwise appear to be a ‘safe distance’ from the bush.

National Guidance and Standards regarding Bush Fire Protection

All states in Australia recognise the threat to properties in bush fire prone areas and most recently various agencies within the New South Wales government have collaborated to produce a document titled ‘Planning for Bushfire Protection’

This document provides a guide for property owners and fire safety professionals to assess the risk to properties in New South Wales. Other states have their own regulations and guidance documents available from that particular state’s planning and development and rural fire service agencies.

The Australian Standard AS 3959 – 1999, ‘Construction of Buildings in bushfire-prone areas’ also provides guidance specifically aimed at construction.

Additional Fire Protection measures
In addition to the ‘traditional’ measures of hazard reduction and special purpose construction, ‘active’ fire systems can also provide an added degree of protection.

No simple solution
Unfortunately, there is no single system or combination of measures to provide ‘guaranteed’ success against bushfire attack. However, many properties have been saved by the actions of building occupants through intervention and forward planning the event.

Our experienced Fire Safety Engineers will collaboratively assess your property’s vulnerability to a bush fire  and develop a mitigation strategy especially tailored to the property in question.

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