We understand that Fire Safety Engineering encompasses more than just code reporting and design. In our fire engineering department, we collaboratively analyse the building’s construction and use to assist you in achieving project approval.

Fire Safety Engineering ReportWe can develop alternative building solutions using performance based requirements to overcome non-compliance with the deemed to satisfy provisions of the BCA. This is done using sophisticated computer smoke modelling programs and egress calculations along with ensuring all authorities play an active part towards approval of the alternative solution.

Radiant Heat Assessments
A radiant heat assessment may be required to show that fire will not spread to other properties, taking into account the use of each building. The quantity of heat projected at the source building is measured to determine the structural stability/resistance or the integrity of openings in the target building is satisfactory.

Alternative Solution Approval
Fire Brigade (Fire and Rescue NSWQLD Fire and RescueCFAMFB or South Australia CFS) approval is required for alternative building solutions and radiant heat assessments. This process can take anywhere between a few days up to a few weeks. This is because a detailed understanding of the systems and construction being put forward. When writing reports we always adhere to the International Fire Engineering Guidelines (IFEG), producing a clear and concise report that the Fire Brigade can easily understand, reducing the time frame on your project.

The Outcome 
The Result of a Fire Safety Engineering report can range from deletion of some essential services, extended exit travel distance or a reduction in fire resistance levels for the particular type of building construction.

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