Fire Sprinkler Design

These days just about every sprinkler fitter / contractor offers Design and Construct, so you ask why would I hire GN Consulting to draw up our fire sprinkler design?

The answer isn’t very difficult. We understand that your best interests are to have a fire sprinkler system or fire safety system that will allow you to be on the right side of the law, whilst having a minimum impact on your bank account, i.e. no more, no less. We make no earnings from the supply of materials or the installation of a sprinkler system. We’re concious of the economic impact on your business and we won’t design, specify or sell you something that you don’t need.

We design sprinkler systems for all kinds of buildings as well as combine sprinkler systems in conjunction with other fire systems.

Fire Protection in Aged-Care Facilities

Aged Care / Nursing Home, Rockdale NSW

As of January 2013 fire sprinklers will be required to be installed in all new and existing residential aged care facilities in NSW. Automatic sprinkler systems will improve the level of fire safety for the less mobile and elderly residents who are most vulnerable in a fire emergency. This new mandatory requirement is a direct response to the tragic Quakers Hill Nursing Home fire in western Sydney, November 2011.

Over our 25 years of doing what we do best at GN Consulting, we have gained an extensive knowledge of fire sprinkler designs and best material selection for residential aged care nursing homes. Our knowledge allows us to build a solution that is accurate and cost effective. We can also help you save in the long run, with advice on maintenance and tendering support when selecting an installer for your fire sprinkler system.

Fire Sprinkler Design

Fire sprinklers are one of the more common types of fire protection system. Our principal Gary Nenadovich has been designing sprinklers and other types of fire systems since 1973.   With experience like ours, along with our extensive knowledge of building codes and standards (previous and current) and understanding of both the Deemed to Satisfy Requirements and Performance Requirements for Fire Systems Design you can be confident that the Engineers at GN Consulting can and will guide you in the right direction.

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