Loss of Property due to other building services disruptions can hamper you, the building owner. We can assist you and your organisation to build a strategy to mitigate losses from potential fire emergencies.

Traditionally the focus of the insurance industry, property loss control consulting includes:

GN Consulting: Fire Safety ExpertsUnlike building codes that mainly focus on occupant safety and containment of a fire to a room, compartment or building of fire origin, property loss control goes further to include.

  • Preservation of the building structure and contents in the whole or part
  • Strategies for minimising interruption to business
  • Recovery from fire disasters
We cater for all types of Businesses
We understand that in today’s fast moving, interconnected communications environment, many businesses trade 24/7 which can increase the potential losses from business interruption.
Some businesses/services are considered “Mission Critical” where interruption to their business activities cannot be tolerated due to impact upon other businesses and community services who depend on a continuity of service from providers, including medical emergency services and telecommunications.
The Protection strategies for these providers goes beyond the ‘minimum requirements’ of building codes and standards. The Fire Safety Engineers at GN Consulting can provide you with the specialist advice you need.

Increasing Fire Safety Awareness in the Workplace
We can help you raise awareness of fire safety in your business. We can guide you and your employees to realise that fire safety is an important part of the training process, complimenting your existing occupational health and safety program.

GN Consulting has a specialist team of qualified trainers and proffesionals with insurance industry experience to help your business effectively manage its risk.

If you have any inquiries about us providing Property Loss Control Consulting, please visit the Contact Us page or send us an email on info@gnconsulting.com.au