Sydney Water’s pressure reduction scheme is intended to reduce the water pressure within the town’s main water supply system to reduce underground pipe breakages and leaks.

This allows Sydney Water to manage the water pressure levels more consistency to ultimately improve the reliability of the water supply system and improve water conservation.

Sydney Water Pressure Management

Areas which are currently affected include various suburbs around Sydney, Illawarra and the Blue Mountains. If your property will be affected by the pressure reduction scheme, Sydney Water will notify you by mail. The letters that you receive from Sydney water are intended to assist them to determine the level of pressure reduction acceptable to maintain a consistent pressure throughout a selected region without causing major system upgrades. The systems that can be affected by a reduction in the town’s main water pressure includes fire hose reels, fire hydrants, fire sprinkler systems and other fire systems connected to Sydney Water’s town main water supply.

I’ve received a letter from Sydney Water, what now?
Regardless of how new or old your building is, GN Consulting can help.

The following list outlines some areas where you can assist us which will lower the cost of our professional service.

  • latest Annual Fire Safety Statement
  • Any scaled drawings (floor plans and elevations)
  • Blockplans (for fire hose reels, fire hydrants or sprinkler systems)

If you have any inquiries regarding assistance with the Sydney Water Pressure Management Program, please visit the Contact Us page or send us an email on

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